Our ultra-modern video conferencing platform facilitates one-on-one video conferencing interactions and multi-panel interviews with ease to save valuable time, energy, and resources on tiring travel and accommodation. Chorus Call video conferencing software has a superb HD video quality and a crystal clear sound bringing video communication as close to real life conditions as possible. Chorus Call’s Companion web uses the web RTC protocol, which enables video meetings without the need for downloads or plugins. Using this, people outside the business centre will be constantly aware of the important decisions being taken in the company and you can always guide them right away through video-conferencing.
We are widely preferred among video conferencing service providers for being the only conferencing company in the world which is also a leader in the design and manufacturing of the conferencing equipment.

Why Us?

  • Hold interviews instantly with up to 4 locations
  • Technical support helpdesk to ensure reliability
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Encryption and Pass code protection for secure meetings

How are we different?

1. Innovative conferencing tools

We at Chorus Call place much emphasis on developing customized and innovative conferencing tools for its esteemed customers. Our technology development team maintains a dedicated focus on addressing specific requests to enhance the chorus call conferencing experience.

2. Advanced Customer Support

Chorus Call focuses on quality of service, customer care, and strong tech support to meet the needs of our customers. Chorus Call's Conference expert are college educated, highly trained individuals who are familiar with each client’s unique requirements and are always ready to help you warm heartedly.

3. Synergy with Technology

The Chorus Call headquarters are in the same building as Compunetix, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of multipoint conferencing bridges. Compunetix systems are successfully functioning in a number of critical conferencing environments, including government mission-oriented systems and commercial service bureau environments. With over one million ports installed in more than 30 countries, Compunetix has the industry’s largest worldwide consumption of digital teleconferencing systems.

4. Loyalty

Our high-quality services are among the best ones in the industry and you can know all about this from our satisfied customers.