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without the need for any downloads or plugins.

Visual contact clearly enhances communication, instantly stimulating interest and increasing attentiveness. For hundreds of prominent clients all over the world, video interviews allow them to reach a wider demographic with precision.

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Our Features

Our state of the art video conferencing platforms facilitate one on one video interactions or multi-panel interviews with ease to save valuable time, energy & resources on strenuous travel & accommodation. Counted among the topnotch video conferencing service providers worldwide, We are experts at delivering managed interactive conferencing solutions that are designed to meet your unique requirements

Chorus Call's Companion Web uses the Web RTC protocol which enables video meetings without the need for downloading any video conferencing software or plugins.

  • Hold interviews instantly with up to 4 locations
  • Technical Support Helpdesk to ensure reliability & peace of mind
  • Encryption & Passcode Protection for secure meetings
  • Control your costs with unlimited usage at a flat monthly charge Simple, User Friendly Interface

How it Works

Make Sure you schedule your video conference by sharing the Guest Passcode, Conference Time along with the following link to all your guests

  • Click on the above link to log into your Video Conference
  • Enter your Passcode followed by your Name and Click 'Join Meeting'.

We recommend that you use earphones during your video conferencing business meeting to minimise the possibility of disturbances such as background noise.

Participants using the guest passcode will view a hold screen until a host arrives.

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Quarterly Plan 2220

Annual Plan 8140

All mentioned rates are not inclusive of taxes

About us

Trusted the World Over, Chorus Call provides world-class conferencing services on a global scale. We are uniquely positioned among video conferencing service providers by virtue of being the only conferencing company in the world which is also a leader in the design and manufacturing of conferencing equipment.

What is the Chorus Call Difference?

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER CARE Chorus Call focuses on quality of service, customer care, and strong tech support to meet the needs of our customers. Chorus Call's Conference Specialists are college educated, highly trained individuals who are familiar with each client’s unique requirements.

INNOVATIVE CONFERENCING TOOLS In addition to high quality conferencing and customer care, Chorus Call places much emphasis on developing customized and innovative conferencing tools for its valued customers. Chorus Call's Technology Development Team maintains a dedicated focus on addressing specific requests to enhance the Chorus Call conferencing experience.

LONG LASTING LOYALTY Chorus Call's high-touch services are among the best in the industry, but you don't have to take our word for it. Our satisfied customers say it best.

SYNERGY WITH TECHNOLOGY The Chorus Call headquarters are in the same building as Compunetix, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of multipoint conferencing bridges. Compunetix systems are successfully functioning in a number of critical conferencing environments, including government mission-oriented systems and commercial service bureau environments. With over one million ports installed in more than 30 countries, Compunetix has the industry’s largest worldwide deployment of digital teleconferencing systems.

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